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Revolv 3.5 Ton VMA Downflow Gas Furnace for Manufactured Homes - 50k BTU - 95% AFUE

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Revolv, a division of Coleman, is dedicated to bringing efficient comfort to the manufactured and mobile home market. The VMA is an incredibly efficient gas-fired furnace designed specifically for installation in manufactured homes. With a 95% AFUE rating, you can be sure that the VMA is making the most of your energy dollar. It utilizes sealed combustion, venting and drawing combustion air directly from outside your home and requires 0" clearance to combustibles on the back, sides, and top. A depth of just over two feet, a width of only 18", and a simple installation process mean that it's easy to integrate a VMA into your manufactured home and enjoy efficient comfort.

Key Features:

  • Field Convertible: All VMA furnaces are field convertible to liquid propane. A conversion plate and orifice are included with the gas valve, so that conversion can be handled during installation without requiring any additional parts.
  • Multi-Speed: The VMA3-50D36N uses a timed four-speed direct drive motor for the blower, giving you excellent airflow that can be scaled to your application.
  • Dual Heat Exchanger Design: The primary exchanger employs an aluminum coating for optimal heat transfer. The secondary heat exchanger is made from stainless steel, giving it durability, corrosion-resistance, and a long life span.
  • Advanced Ignition System: The combination of a slow-opening gas valve and a silicon nitride igniter give the VMA3-50D36N an ignition process that is quiet and reliable.
  • Easily Accessible: Accessing the vent pipes and internal components of the VMA gas-fired manufactured home furnace is a breeze. A two-piece top makes installing and maintaining your equipment easy.
  • Internal Filtration: The VMA doesn't just keep your home comfortable, it also keeps you air clean. A return air filter that captures dust, lint, and other contaminants is installed inside the door of the furnace where it are easy to check and replace.

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